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As opposed to Wikipedia, here you can enter the personal biographies of any real or fictional person, or time-lines of historic events with minute - some would say trivial - details. You must have some sort of verification for your information. There is no place here for profanity or defacing and by entering such information, you may be liable to punishment by various international or national laws. Pages will initially be marked as unverified, and only after online proof, will be marked verified. Users can dispute an article, in which case it will be marked as under dispute, and may request deletion or content reform. Fictional people or events who's biographies are depicted, must be known in literature or the media. An auto-biography must be marked as such.

Please enter you user name in the list of WikiBiography Management Requests if you wish to join the management in this wiki, and say a few words about yourself, or point to an article you wrote, which you feel falls in the category of this wiki.

If you are not sure if your sources are good enough, or have any questions about a bio you wish to write, open a talk page discussion for that topic.

Please use the Bio template (by writing {{Bio|title1=Bla Bla|etc...}}) See template:Bio for further details.


  • Meta-Biography - Writing a recorded history of how a biography was discovered and recorded.

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  • July 19, 2009 - wikibio, the Biography Wiki was created

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Meta-Biography - About recording the process of discovering history and recording it.

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