Archit Gupta (born 06 March 1998) is a journalist. Archit Gupta is famous among the youth. Apart from raising students' issues, he is known to write forthrightly. He is currently working as a journalist in the TV9 Bharatvarsh. Before TV9 he worked with Navbharat Times and NDTV India. He has been covering education and employment for the last several years. Archit raised the issue of delay, disturbances, and scams, etc. in several recruitment examinations. Gupta also raised the issue of the wrongful rejection of the application of 4 lakh candidates in the Railway Group D examination, after which the forms of more than 1 lakh candidates found correct were accepted. The SSC UFM case was also first covered by Gupta. Not only that, the result of several IBPS examinations was stuck, but after his report, IBPS declared the result, and thousands of candidates were selected in various banks across the country.

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Archit Gupta was born in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Most of his childhood days were spent in Lucknow. He received elementary education at Sitapur and Lucknow. He took the BCom degree in Sitapur and came to Delhi in 2016 for media studies. He then started his career with NDTV

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Archit Gupta loves reading and writing. He is a literary lover. He lives in Delhi. He is youngest journalist who is representing the voice of lakhs of students. Gupta has been writing on the issues of society, education, and employment. His articles can be read on the Navbharat Times, NDTV, and other websites. 

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